Additional translations

Dear Readers of the European Federalist Papers,

We enjoy the fact that the European Federalist Papers have got much attention as from their launching in December last year. They are studied in over 60 countries already. And they trigger a lot of comments through e-mails, tweets and blogs. Yet, new contributions are on their way.


We received many requests to make them available in other languages than only Dutch and English. Unfortunately, we have no funds to manage those requests. Therefore we are proud to be able to announce that four followers of the European Federalist Papers decided to start translating the Papers in their native language (Romanian, Lithuanian, Czech, Swedish). One of them, Jakub Jermar (Czech Republic - jThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), came up with the idea to inform federalists throughout Europe about these private initiatives. In this way it would be possible to get the EFP in more languages. Furthermore he promotes the idea of creating translator-groups, because for one person alone translating the Papers 0-25 might be a too difficult and long-lasting job. By creating volunteering groups of translators this work could be done faster and peer groups can improve the quality of the translations. A kind of Wikipedia-approach. In this way, it would be possible to read the European Federalist Papers in the 24 official languages of the EU-28.

Jakub created a Google Group account. To be found as such: one can either search for "European Federalist Papers Translators" using the search form on: or!overview and click on the respective result, or go directly to:!forum/european-federalist-papers-translators where he or she will see the welcome message with further instructions. The first step here is to apply for group membership (use the right button). The second step is to click on the link in the welcome message and add the folder sharing to their Google Drive. Then it should all be set.

If you would like to cooperate in translating the EFP in your language, or in developing the organization of a group of volunteering translators in your native language, please disseminate this information. In case you need more technical information, please contact Jakub on his email address above.

Best regards,

Leo Klinkers and Herbert Tombeur