Comments by Mr. Roger Kotila, president of the DWF

If Europe decides to draft a federal European constitution, I highly recommend that you study features within the Earth Constitution, what I consider to be the "gold standard" for a federal democratic world constitution. Drafted by the World Constitution & Parliament Association, the Earth Constitution is superior to the US Constitution. Democratic World Federalists ( and the Earth Federation Movement ( share a belief in federalism. 

Comments by mr. Jean-Guy GIRAUD, Président, Union des Fédéralistes Européens (UEF) – France

Congratulations for "The European Federalist Papers" which I recently discovered and started reading. As you may see from the attach, I have been following the same track from some time. I am now interested in actually drafting a 10 articles/ 5 pages EU draft constitution in time for the 2014 european debate. I shall come back to you when I will have read all your articles. Sincerely,

Extract of comments by mr. Robert Verschooten

I finished reading your European federalist papers 0 to 12. I found it a well balanced and a clear intellectual piece of work. Still unfinished, as I understand.

Last year a number of remarkable papers dealing with federalism and or the future of Europe were published. I strongly believe a serious and common effort should be undertaken to summarize and distribute this summary in federalist circles all over Europe. Such a broad (and incomplete resp. tentative) summary can become a starting point for the tentative formulation of a common strategy to all - or at least a majority of - European federalists. This tentative formulation shall signal all options. As you do in your papers. A conscious choice among the innumerable options is a must in order to clarify the position of the European federalists and create a movement of thought liberated from hesitation and improvisation. Quite a programme...

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Comments by mr. Jakub Jermar

Esteemed Klinkers and Tombeur,

In Paper 22 you propose to fix the seat of the European Congress in Brussels. I have some doubts about whether this is the right thing to do. Imagine, for example, that the Constitution is adopted by the citizens of 9 states, but not by citizens of Belgium. The Federation would then be cornered by its own Constitution to have its Congress outside of itself and a first amendment would be necessary.

Another thing which comes to mind is what happens if there is a war and Brussels is occupied by a foreign army? Why not simply give the Congress the power to decide its own seat?

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