A federal solution for Europe

The recent agreement for the normalisation of relations between Serbia and Kosovo has confirmed that the European Union (EU) is still acting as a “magnet”, attracting its external neighbours and transforming and integrating them. 

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Failing Faith in the European Union

Europeans do not only distrust their own governments, but they are also inherently skeptical of the European Union itself, the Eurobarometer shows.

What is the outlook for the Celtic Tiger's young generation?

The Eurobarometer survey carried out in November 2012 was noteworthy mostly for the darkness mired in its pages. Not only, it found, do Europeans not trust their own governments, but they are inherently distrustful of the European Union itself.
A matter of trust

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Additional translations

Dear Readers of the European Federalist Papers,

We enjoy the fact that the European Federalist Papers have got much attention as from their launching in December last year. They are studied in over 60 countries already. And they trigger a lot of comments through e-mails, tweets and blogs. Yet, new contributions are on their way.

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